Having trained at het National Ballet Academy in Amsterdam and the Juilliard School in NYC, Reina has had a clear understanding and awareness of the human body from an early age. During her years in New York City, she has had the honour of learning from Jane Kosminsky in Alexander Technique and Irene Dowd for advanced anatomy . After an ACL-surgery Reina became interested in diving deeper into Pilates for optimal recovery and has received her Polestar ® Pilates Comprehensive Studio on all apparatus certificate 2019. In her classes, Reina aims for optimal posture and focusses on breath as it aligns with optimal movement. She incorporates all the knowledge gained as a dancer and passes it on with ease. She has worked with Leila from a young age as a student at Het National Ballet Academy and has received the certificate through her guidance. She has taught in several studio’s across Amsterdam including About Moving, Full Circle Studio, Ginger Pilates, Live yoga and White Door Studio and is currently also teaching the students of Het Nationale Ballet Academy.