For who

The pilates method offers such wide spectrum of exercises that there is an appropriate ap-proach for everybody. We have special experience professional movers, athletes, people recovering from injuries, and coaching for pilates teachers.

Dancers and Performing Artists

At Leila’s Pilates several teachers have a background in the performing arts, who bring many years of experience working with dancers, musicians, actors, circus artists and performers. The body plays a crucial role in the ability to excel in these professions. Often used for many hours in repetitive motions, the body can start to become out of balance, increasing the risk of developing compensating movement patterns that could lead to injury and/or loss of ability to perform. Our aim is to analyse your movement patterns and construct a personal program that will support you to perform at your optimal ability.

We have a strong background in dance helping to assist you in implementing the newly learned movement strategies to your technique; leading to becoming a stronger dancer and performer.


Athletes, Professional and Recreational

Pilates is a highly effective method to support all different kinds of sports. Across the world there is a steady increase of professional athletes who incorporate pilates training into their program, because of proven efficacy. In a general way it can support your overall strength, co-ordination, flexibility and improve the pleasure of practicing your sport(s) of choice.

Pilates can be used to work through individual challenges in your athletic activities; For instance by improving your range of motion in rotation, you gain improved shoulder organization, weight bearing and alignment through the arms and legs.

When you play sport at a high level, you often practice repetitive movements, which can disturb the balance in your body. The teachers at Leila’s Pilates are very experienced in pinpointing imbalances and create a program with you to work towards your individual goals.

We encourage you to invite your coach along to the studio to assist in tailoring your Pilates program.


Post Injury/Surgery Recovery, or Working Towards Improved Movement

Specific exercises during and after the recovery period of a medical intervention, accident or illness can be very important. Also, in more joyful conditions such as pre- and postnatal, exercise-support can be make a huge difference. At Leila’s Pilates we can offer you a training program during your recovery, if desired in cooperation with your physical therapist or doctor.

Because of the vast possibilities of the Pilates equipment, you can often start doing mild exercises already very early on in your recovery, gradually increasing the intensity while you get stronger. Spring assisted movement will help you have positive movement experiences early on in your recovery process, which can assist you in regaining control in your daily activities.

Restoring healthy breathing patterns, posture, and balance, will help you get more confidence, get better sleep, feel more at home in your body and fuel your vitality. We will give you small homework assignments to keep you engaged in the process.

We can aid in the treatment of pre- and post-surgical conditions, we can challenge you regardless of your previous movement experiences.


Pilates Teacher Training and Coaching

All of our teachers have taken their education with the highly esteemed Polestar Pilates ( Leila is the principal Polestar Educator for the Comprehensive Course, and Ellen and Andrea have been valuable Polestar Mentors for the students for several years.. The Polestar Pilates curriculum provides instructors with science-based techniques to thoughtfully assess the whole person and assist them in accomplishing their movement goals.

We offer special packages and pricing for those who wish to prepare for the Polestar education and for current students undertaking the education. Also there is the possibility to become an apprentice teacher, after completing a large part of the education. During your time as an apprentice you get feedback on your teaching, your program design, your interaction with the clients etc.

There is also the possibility to book coaching classes if you are already a Pilates teacher, and run into aspects of your teaching that you’d wish to develop, or just want some new inspiration.