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Studio Philosophy

Starting your training at the studio you embark on a journey with your teacher, discovering your needs, and setting your goals.you will become awayre of how your movement patterns affect every day life activities. Together with you, a personalised and challenging program is created with the aim to achieve your individual goals. Our staff is very experienced and will offer helpful feedback throughout your sessions. The Pilates method offers a very large amount of exercises, which all have an unlimited number of variations. We encourage you to practice at home and design a small program for you to help to integrate the new movement awareness into daily life. 

At Leilas’s Pilates we offer a private studio situation. In your class only you and the Pilates teacher are present in the space. We have a special relationship with the respected Physical Therapy De Nieuwe Keizers, which allows for close collaboration with their physical therapists and extensive network of health practitioners.

Each staff member at Leila’s Pilates brings their own personal and unique skillsets gained across their individual career and they’ve each been educated through the Polestar Comprehensive Education ( www.polestarpilates.com). 

About Leila

My personal Pilates career spans over 30 years, a journey where I’ve acquired education and experience that has allowed me to become highly specialised in my field. My passion for Pilates stems from my curiosity of human movement and the unique way movement can be enhanced via the Pilates Method. The holistic approach I take with my clients is attributed not only to my years of Pilates education and development, but to my innate intuitive nature.


The past twenty years I have taught Pilates to dancers of Nederlands Dans Theatre  (www.ndt.nl) and Het Nationale Ballet (www.operaballet.nl) and students of the National Ballet Academy; aiding these professionals to cope with the demands of this highly skilled profession. Since 2009 I have had the pleasure of representing Polestar Pilates (www.polestarpilates.com) in The Netherlands as one of their principal educators for emerging Pilates teachers. Over the past decade I have also worked with numerous athletes, collaborating with their coaches and therapists to help hem overcome injuries and heighten their athletic performance.

There is always more to learn, and I keep developing myself by working with exceptional teachers.  Some of the teachers I have been especially inspired by are: Clarice Marshall, Brent Anderson, Elizabeth Larkam, Marie Jose Blom, Karen Clippenger, Liz Bussey, Deborah Kolwey, Jane Paris, Madeline Black and Jelena Petrovic.

Outside the Netherlands I have taught classes and workshops abroad, in New York, London, Athens, Vienna and Avis (Portugal). Also I have presented three times at IADMS, which is a large international organization that promotes research and science to heighten the health care for dancers.

In addition to my extensive Pilates experience, I am a certified Vaganova Ballet Teacher and Masseur.

This studio employs a team of devoted and experienced teachers, who have all been successfully completed the Polestar Pilates Comprehensive training, each of them bringing their own areas of expertise.


Leila Kester
My personal Pilates career has spanned more than 30 years, which makes me deeply, I was able to specialize in this field. My interest in Pilates stems from my constant curiosity to movement of the human body and the unique way that the harmony in the body can be improved with the Pilates Method.
Leila Kester

My personal Pilates career has spanned more than 30 years, which makes me deeply, I was able to specialize in this field. My interest in Pilates stems from my constant curiosity to movement of the human body and the unique way that the harmony in the body can be improved with the Pilates Method.

I have a holistic approach to my work, which has its origin in the many years of training and development in combination with my intuitive nature. The special feature of this work is that everyone is so different, and I think it's fascinating to find the proper alignment for each and every man with whom I work.

Over the past twenty years I taught professional dancers, among others the Nederlands Dans Theater ( www.ndt.nl)), The Dutch National Ballet (www.operaballet.nl)), and the students of the National Ballet Academy. Further, I have been coaching for almost ten years with top athletes blessureherstel and performance improvement. In cooperation with the physiotherapy Practice ‘The New Emperors’ ( www.fysiotherapie-keizersgracht.nl)I also add les to customers a very wide range of complaints and injuries.

Since 2010 I am the point of contact for Polestar Pilates (www.polestarpilates.com) in the Netherlands, and as one of their senior teachers responsible for the education of future Pilates teachers in Amsterdam and in Athens.

Ellen Meijer
I am a Senior Pilates and Yoga teacher, and a Mentor for Polestar Pilates Education in The Netherlands. My scope of practice is diverse: i work with dancers and athletes, but also with people who are recovering from an injury or illness. I have experience with people dealing pelvic instability issues, lower back problems, breastcancer, neck and shoulder issues and people recovering from a burn out. In addition i am especially interested in healthy aging.
Ellen Meijer

Pilates teaches you how to use your body in a healthy and controlled way. You get stronger, but it also allows you to look into familiar and everyday movements in a fresh way, thus deepening your consciousness of movement.

My pilates lessons are influenced by extensive knowledge of dance, myofascial work, yoga and breath. These different movement concepts are powerful tools that reinforce each other and increase our overall awareness.

I like to think outside the box and believe the dialogue of intelligent movement, breathing and concentration have a healing effect on one’s mind and body. #motionislotion

Working at Leila’s Pilates has a special attraction to me because of the close relationship with the physical therapy Practice De Nieuwe Keizers.

Andrea Derkse
Teaching Pilates leaves me both tranquil and energised. It is important to me that my clients experience more freedom and awareness in their movements, and learn to do so in a friendly and enjoyable manner. Practicing Pilates myself, I discovered that the changes I could accomplish exceeded my expectations by far. The sensitivity that I developed through this journey helps me to be very aware of the needs of my clients during their process of change.
Andrea Derkse

My background as a primary school teacher has made me a keen observer - a skill that I further developed in teaching Pilates. As the body has so many aspects to discover, I continue to study with many different international teachers, such as Frances Carty Melis, Elizabeth Larkam and Lolita San Miguel.

Through this work, I get to work with a large variety of clients, which I enjoy very much. Over the years, I have developed special expertise in working with musicians and people with professional or genetic asymmetries.

I have been educated by Polestar, both Mat and Comprehensive, and continue to study with them. I have also become a Mentor in their Education Program.

I teach Pilates at several studios in Amsterdam. In addition to teaching, I play the cello at a semiprofessional level.

I feel at home at Leilas Studio because of the friendly atmosphere and the like minded collegues.

Fenna Segboer
My whole life I have been active in a wide variety of sports: hockey, sailing, capoeira, fitness, yoga and swimming. When i had continuing back problems, a physiotherapist recommended I do Pilates. This turned out to be an excellent recommendation, as I have both recovered from it, and I became a Pilates teacher. I took both the Mat and the Comprehensive training through Polestar Pilates, and teach at several studio’s in Amsterdam.
Fenna Segboer

I love sharing my experience with my clients, encouraging them to develop strong and efficient bodies.

I really enjoy deepening my knowledge, and take in depth courses and personal trainings on a very regular basis: the body is so fascinating and complex that there is always more to learn.


At Leilla's Pilates it is possible to be taught at by students of the Comprehensive Polestar Pilates training. They already have completed the largest part of the training, and are familiar with the Pilates Method and the equipment. These lessons you can only buy in packages of six lessons buy, to give the teacher-in-training the opportunity to build up an effective program with you. For these lessons, they will get the supervision of Leila, Ellen or Andrea.

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